Get To Know Us!

Introduced to each other by a mutual friend, Jamie and Dani quickly found a shared interest in breaking out of the traditional medical environment and exploring alternative approaches to helping people feel and be their best. Three months later, they opened the doors on their vision…offering infusion therapy in an environment that would create a sense of comfort, connection, and hope. Today, Absolute Hydration & Wellness is exactly that – a uniquely personal approach to feeling better…not simply treating symptoms with meds to make you better, but addressing feelings and conditions with solutions that give the body what it needs to heal and be healthy.

“The most important thing we do is help people heal; the most powerful thing we do is listen.”

Jamie Schwarz, RN
Jamie is a Registered Nurse and has been in various medical settings since 2004. She has spent most of her career in the hospital and home health settings, including infusion, oncology, medical/surgical, and intensive care, and spent many years with the geriatric population. Jamie has a leadership gift and has served as a lead supervisor in various capacities. Most recently, Jamie used this talent as Nurse Manager to develop a specialty IV nursing program across Wisconsin but has since set conventional medicine aside to align with her deepest passions. 
Most of Jamie’s adult life has been consumed with wholesome alternatives to health and wellness. She has implemented many unconventional strategies into her and her family’s lives. She is a firm believer in meditation and mindfulness, whole nutrient-dense foods, herbal medicine, and IV nutrition, to name a few! Jamie thrives on hustle and is most humbled by her ability to nourish her community in a unique way.
What’s Jamie’s favorite wellness treatment? The Myer’s infusion coupled with Glutathione.
She likes to call it the “bombshell” of infusions as it really puts a pep in your step and supports the whole body.
Dani Leick, DNP, APNP, FNP-C, BSN
Dani was an ER nurse for 13 years before earning her doctorate and was part of the corporate healthcare world for 3 years as a Nurse Practioner. Dani quickly discovered that Corporate Healthcare wasn’t for her and knew there had to be a better way to approach healthcare!
“I think we’re an awesome team  because we’ve both worked in the “western medicine” world and agree there will always be a place for it, but also know it’s not the only way approach to health and wellness.” “We also understand that health and wellness mean something different to everyone. We can take the time needed to listen and help our clients achieve their version of wellness.”
What’s Dani’s favorite wellness treatment? Migraine Cocktail
She is a migraine sufferer. “I think back to when I was in the ER with a migraine- sat in the waiting room with screaming kids for hours, received an IV, felt better, but had to have someone drive me home when all I wanted to do was be home and in bed.” “The ability for me to come into someone’s home when they are laying on the couch or in bed and make them feel better without all the hassle of a traditional ER is pretty darn amazing!”


We are wholeheartedly on a mission to provide honest, wholesome care to our entire community. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing all the time! 


When your wellness journey is important to you, it’s just as important to us! We are on this journey with you, cheering you along. We provide a trusted listening ear to support you in a holistic manner. 


“Fake it ’til you make it” is not in our motto. You give us this intimate time to provide you with the best care, and we reciprocate our entire selves to you; our knowledge, life experiences, and recommendations beyond the IV service.


We stand strongly on Quality over Quantity. Knowing you have a choice in your wellness journey, we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure our knowledge and expertise provides a superior experience.